Knocking the Fags on the Head – Pt 4

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The date is the 18th of March. Tomorrow morning I get to put on my final nicotine patch. So, Tuesday morning I will be flying solo. I did it. I quit smoking.

Quite odd really, when I began this on January 15th, I was determined to succeed, but also sure that I wouldn’t. How’s that for self esteem, eh? I think that, cunningly, quitting has coincided with either a bout of hay fever or with something else, so my breathing hasn’t improved and, if anything, I’m sleeping even worse than before. However, I’m going to make a doctor’s appointment to see if there are any problems. I can do this now because i don’t have to feel guilty when the question “Do you smoke?” comes up.

Stage 2 is to join the gym and to get some of that energy and general fitness I keep hearing about. I think I’ll kick off a new series on that one, so you can all follow me while I struggle to lift weights and the like. :toot:

Looking at it, I know I have done the right thing by quitting now. Nanny Blair would have forced the issue in a few months anyway, but I know that I wouldn’t quit just because him and his Scottish banker say so. Incidentally, and off topic, because of the aggressive building schedule him and Two Jags have started, Kent is no longer the “Garden of England”. Way to go govingment!! Anyway, come the summer I would have likely ramped up my smoking just to show the government that they can’t regulate every area of my life no matter how much the thought gives them all wet dreams. Rant over.

So yeah, I have quit and, while I miss it when I am especially tired, I can’t see me going back to it. I did it and, if that’s what you want, so can you. Pick a method and stick at it, just remember my tips:

  • There is never an optimal day to quit – every day is either too stressful or too quiet.
  • Pick a day and do it – just grab a day at random and say that that’s the day. Trying to pick a special day won’t work, they are all special or not special.
  • Don’t try to avoid smokers, it’s not that easy and just puts extra pressure on you.
  • Tell people when you do it – not so they can give you pressure or so they can back you up, it’s so you can remind yourself that you are doing this and need to stick at it.
  • Don’t give up giving up just because you feel a bit stressed – every day has it’s own stresses, don’t wimp out
  • Do it because you want to – if you quit because someone else thinks you should, you will fail
  • Feel positive and good about doing it – you are doing something worthwhile, any smoker who has tried in the past knows how hard it is, don’t listen to people who have never smoked and tell you how easy it is. It is easy, but there are hurdles that non-smokers don’t appreciate.
  • Just because your first method doesn’t work doesn’t mean that no method will work – I tried cold turkey and failed, the patches worked. There’s also gum, lozenges, plastic cigarettes, mouthwashes and many other methods
  • So yeah, I’m off them now. The only way this series will get another update is if I take up smoking again. And that’s not going to happen.

    Is it?


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    1. YAY!!!

      well done. 🙂

    2. Yay indeed 🙂

    3. Congratulations: you persevered to the end! 😀

      Giving up chocolate and fizzy drinks for Lent is bad enough, let alone an addictive substance 😉

    4. Thanks mate – I won’t pretend it’s been easy, but it’s been worthwhile. Next step is to lose some weight…..

    5. I’ve been stopped for 6 weeks now. The temptation over the Xmas period was undeniably strong … but I resisted. Personally I’m using a tablet that I take twice a day called champix

    6. Congrats on quitting ! Should you need any help, try searching my site for resources on quit smoking :

    7. Congrats on quitting! I am 8 years smoke free and haven’t felt better!

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    8. this is a good news to inspire other people to stop smoking cigarette.
      My recent post Question: How many People Smoke Cigarettes in the World

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