Bear With Me

Upgrading the plugins and the version of WordPress has made this blog shit the bed. I suspect that something in either a plugin or the theme is incompatible. Which is a bit of a bugger because some of the plugins no longer work and some of the posts no longer show.

I’m looking to find a newer them and then reintroduce the plugins one by one until I find the one that breaks everything.

So bear with me while I fiddle with stuff.

Oh yeah, this theme is a holding theme until I sort stuff out.


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  1. Also Ray, the site is slowed down slightly because of loading the pictures in the sidebar because of the librarything widget which hotlinks the images from directly.

    I suggest putting the sidebar code in the template *after* the main content portion if you can…

    Just a minor issue though.

  2. Also I don’t think this upgrade would have broken the plugins. Seems strange, because the changes are quite few… and I don’t think the code for the plugin section would have been changed considerably to make the older plugins obsolete. 😕

  3. I can’t understand it, unless the WP devs have changed something which was only apparent after I updated the plugins.

    No matter

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