Tinker Tinker Tinker

As you may have noticed, I have been tinkering again.  The has had some additions, some removals and some changes.  First up, and most obvious, is the Librarything widget.  This shows random books from my library held here.  So you can now see the sort of thing I read.  I have removed the Categories listing and have added a Site Map link – this is because I don’t really write series, so the chances of someone needing to check a category is slim.  For the same reason, I have changed the archive listing to yearly rather than monthly.

All this has the effect of tidying up the sidebar which was becoming long and unwieldy.


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  1. It’s definitely tidier now, but can’t you make that yellow background white for the librarything widget to match the rest of your site?

  2. Not sure: probably, I need to look into the css for it to see

  3. How’s that? I had to remove the automatic header, change the style (the whole thing is just a line of code) and manually put in the header and link to my library.

    Better? Worse?

  4. Seems to look more integrated into the site now. Not bad.

  5. Nice. Looks great now.

  6. Cool – thanks guys

  7. Hehehe – I have made yet another small change. Can you see what it is?? :ninja:

  8. Yeah, you removed those witty quotes? Boo… boo… 😦

  9. That happened aaages ago because they were repeating themselves. Read some more posts and try again :happy:

  10. Perhaps the related ramblings when viewing the blog entry?

  11. That’s it – Drew wins!

    No prize, just the satisfaction of a job well done 😆

  12. Oh, is it? Where did you get that plugin?

    Also yes, I’m not too clever at detecting subtle changes :w00t:

  13. It’s the “Similar Posts” plugin from http://rmarsh.com/plugins/similar-posts/ Easy to install and configure

  14. Hmm… I’ll have to get my hands on that plugin :w00t:

    I like the minor changes – your blog is looking good. I think both of us need to post more though – hehe!

  15. More? More? I’m posting, on average, 3 or 4 times a year. You don’t want me to burn out do you? 😆

  16. Come on Ray, you know when my number of entries on my site outnumber yours from the beginning of the year means you’re not posting enough.. 😉

  17. Just when I though you’re posting more, you stop, Ray. You tease… :cheerful:

  18. I have a couple of half formed things in my drafts folder – nothing really publishable though…..

  19. I think Ray has a case of blog block.. :wassat:

    How’s the no smoking coming along?

  20. Not too bad at all really – I am now onto the 3rd step: the weakest of the patches. I'm almost through the first of the 3 weeks on this strength, after that I'm flying solo. Wheeeeeeee!


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