What Ray Did Next…

Since I last upgraded the WordPress install on this site (v 2.0.4) there have been two new upgrades – 2.0.7 and now 2.1.  Well, I didn’t bother with 2.0.7, so I’ve jumped to 2.1.

Let me know if anything is broken.  Ta.


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  1. Would you like to know how many warnings the Firefox Validator reports..? :devil:

  2. Only if you really feel you must :tongue:

  3. Do you know how much spam has been eaten by SK2 on my blog?

    Total Spam Caught: 31615 (average karma: -4942.14)

  4. Well, since I only have around 4 regular readers, I’m happy with the figures 😆

  5. All done by mindless bots. Don’t be fooled by those numbers. Those bots are everywhere, I tell you… just like roaches. :dizzy:

  6. Sadly true. Thank god for the community – great protection at little or no cost.

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