Knocking the Fags on the Head – Pt 3

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Ok, at 7am on Monday I will have officially been cigarette free for 2 weeks.  Not bad going, but the end is still a little way away.

Just thought I’d update to say that I have passed the first major hurdle.  I went out last night and got absolutely plastered.  Many newly ex-smokers will tell you how hard it is to drink alcohol and not smoke.  But, truthfully speaking, I can say that it was very very easy.  I had a few times where I fancied a smoke, but they passed in seconds.  Most of the time I didn’t even think about it or want one.

I feel very very successful.  I woe up this morning with a splitting headache (pro-tip for younger drinkers: the hangovers get much worse as you get older – drink lots and lots of water when you get home from the pub.)  But, on the other hand, my throat wasn’t raw and my mouth didn’t taste lie an outside toilet.  So I think that that is a great win for me.

I think I’ll skip the third week of the stronger patches and jump straight onto the second stage patches.

I’m feeling good without feeling smug, so I’m still nice to be around. :w00t:


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  1. Cut the alcohol too Ray. You know can do it… 🙂

  2. Some things don’t need to be cut 🙂

  3. I’d have to agree with Ray there.. I don’t drink nearly as often but damnit, when work buys beer every friday, you drink it cause it’s free.. 😉

  4. You can also try seeking professional help like doctor or hypnotist. I’ve heard some method called NLP that could help you to stop smoking. See for more info. Thanks.

  5. I had the same problem with drinking and smoking. I finally just decided to cut out the drinking for about two months, then quit smoking. I did pretty well that time, stayed quit for over a year.

    Chris@Effects Of Smoking´s last blog post..How To Make Your Wife Quit Smoking

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