I have a huge number of books at home and for a long time I’ve been looking for a way to catalogue them all. Normally, I would use something like Tellico (as a Linux/KDE user), but that gives the problem that I have to remember to save my files before I rebuild a PC. It’s also something that isn’t shared.

I have used (stay with me) which is great for showing others your music collections. As a community, you can also see what other people are listening too and get recommendations based on your own collection. Now for the good part. merges Tellico and to produce an online catalogue of your books, with recommendations from other members based on their collections. Neat huh?

Signing up takes seconds – think of a user name and password, type them into the login boxes on the front page and then you are ready to go. You can either manually enter your book details or just enter the ISBN number and search the default databases ( or the US Library of Congress). Of course, this is less than ideal if your books weren’t bought in the US. Fortunately, has thought of this and has added in the option to search other catalogues, such as Amazon UK.

You can even see how many other people have the same book(s) as you – from the moment you add a book, you can see a figure for the number of other people who own it. This being 2007, it’s a bit Web 2.0 :tongue: – tagging is included. This, of course, means that your collection can be further subdivided and categorised. You decide on the tags, so make them meaningful!  It should be noted, though, that for the free service you can only store a maximum of 200 books.  You have to pay $10 to increase that amount.
This seems to me to be an excellent service and, by using the mobile option, I can keep track of series that I own and it will prevent me from buying more than one copy. And yes, I do have two copies of some books…… They have a page full of tools, so don’t forget to check this out.

For anyone who is a member of LiteraryForums, I will be copying this there as I think it’s a useful and (more importantly) usable service that should grow.

I am registered there as xavierp – so you can see my list as it grows.


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  1. You just had to say it, didn’t you?

    Do you have *any* idea how long it’s going to take me to get my whole book collection on there. . ?

    126 already, and I’m only a couple of shelves in.

  2. It is a pain isn’t it? I still have to tackle the upstairs, and then the loft and the box and then keep track of any library books I get out.

  3. Well, I signed up there. The interface is very interesting and easy to use as well. :ninja:

  4. I’ve been doing some exploring – the unsuggester is interesting…. 😎

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