*cough cough*

I feel absolutely terrible.  Despite valiantly fighting it off for about 3 months, I have succumbed to a nasty head cold.  Which has decided to also take up residence inside my chest.  All the fun of a runny nose, with the added benefit of a rotten cough.

I have things to do, both online and off and this bloody cold is laying me low.

Send sympathy.  Much sympathy.


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  1. Sympathy is packaged and on its way, sir. I request you to pay for the shipping costs. :-p

  2. If it helps, my gf (who is also susceptible to colds) finds the following to be helpful:

    Put some cloves & root ginger in a cup, add boiling water & leave for a minute or two. Strain out the cloves & ginger, add a spoonful of honey and some freshly-squeezed orange juice.

    I personally prefer Lemsip, as it’s much less hassle, but she’s allergic to that 😉

  3. Thank you both. I am hitting the Lemsips, but I must admit that that recipe sounds very very tasty.

    And Hari – I will receive your sympathy and then return it without paying the postage. Because that’s how hardcore I am!!

    I find the best solution is lots of sleep – I can’t tae time off wor next week unfortunately: I’m doing an audit on Wednesday, knocking up some productivity reports on Wednesday afternoon, Monday is a heavy admin day and Tuesday I have a “not interview”. If Tuesday is successful in some way, I may post more…..

    So, if I on’t seem to be around much, you know why 🙂

  4. poor ray…

    my favourite EVER internet advice for colds:
    the hairdryer trick It’s classic… exactly what the internet would turn up. (you don’t have a bugeyed smily. ;( )

    Plus side: at least it’s not pneumonia… yet!

    Hope you get better soon.

  5. Thanks for the tip Alison – definitely something to bear in mind for when I get home after work.

  6. I just wiped out all my data in a daft mad repartitioning scheme. May I please have some sympathy too?



    I’ll settle for pity, if you have any.

    Get well soon!

  7. Thanks mate – sympathies on knocking out your HD.

  8. Oh de-ah, still no blog post yet. Your fan club is eagerly awaiting your next installment. Don’t disappoint us. ^_^

  9. ^ What he said! 😀

    Hope you’re feeling better 😉 Hehe! If not, that’s one long-lasting cold…

  10. It’s now a nice old chest infection – I’ve been too knackered to be online 🙂

  11. Do get well soon, mate.

  12. Aye, get well soon 🙂

    School’s just finished for me – Christmas holidays have begun. Ahh… 😀

  13. I’m on leave from next week until the new year – which is nice 🙂

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