Flash 9 Beta – Finally

After a long wait, the beta version of Flash 9 is live. And the Linux world can breathe a sigh of relief.

Penguin.SWF has the story and links, I have installed it on Firefox 11.0 and it hasn’t crashed on me or otherwise given any trouble. Thus far :f5:
The install is very easy – untar the tarball and copy or move the only file to your Firefox plugins directory. Restart Firefox and open about:plugins and you should see something like this:Flash Plugin Active

So, go get it and then go here to see if it worked.

It’s available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Have fun.


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  1. Thanks for the heads-up, Ray! I will definitely try this out tomorrow – FINALLY! 😀

    And what’s up with all the smilies! :woop:

  2. Ack! Please remove that last smiley from the above post!

    I just clicked on a random one… I didn’t realise it was THAT :rant:

  3. You may have wanted this one – :argh:

    They are a range of emoticons used on the Something Awful forums and I find them funny



  4. Just a shame I can’t get the flaming pop up function to work. :argh:

  5. Hehe! Thanks Ray 😉

    The page just takes soo long to load :f5: lol

  6. I installed it on my Kubuntu Edgy and it seems to work great except for on a friend’s site, where his background flash shows in the foreground. But, it also shows the same thing in Konqueror. It might be the tweaking that Ubuntu does, though. Every other site seems to render the way its supposed to. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other installations at the moment, save for the Debian installation on the Sparc Ultra5, which is not a supported platform. Oh well.

    I was able to view cbs.com, which Jeremy has had trouble with.

  7. Flash 9 is a great plugin – I look forward to the final release and hope that this means we’ll get Linux and Windows plugins released simultaneously.

  8. Holy crap that’s a lot of emoticons, now I know what’s been slowing down the server.. 😉

  9. Where are all those emoticons to choose from?

  10. You need to get the “more smilies” plugin and you can then create your own smily packs. I got mine from forums.somethingawful.com – it was the WordPress thread in the SH/SC forum (Serious Hardware/Software Crap)
    :w00t:  :cowjump:

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