Saw This and Thought of Hari

A news article about India in The Register caught my eye and made me think of Hari. To expand on that, it’s the fact that it’s in India and not the story itself that made me think of him :hurr:

It would seem that because of the long work hours being put into the workplace in the call centres, the staff there are treating them less like offices and more like seedy motels…. :fappery:  Women are arriving at work with condoms in their bags and.. so on.

Luckily, the Indian Catholic Church is on hand to solve the problem.

Seems to me that as well as outsourcing the work itself, we’ve also outsourced the fringe benefits. Bugger. That just makes going to work even more boring.

Wonder if they’re hiring in Bangalore….? :laugh:


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  1. Getting intimate in the office.. that would be so cool.. Hope my wife doesn’t see this! 😉

  2. We should all work in India – it’s where it’s at!

  3. Naughty boy 😛 Want a comment from me and dragged my name into it. 😆

    ON a serious note, if I had my way, I’d dismantle the entire Outsourcing industry in the country. Makes me look like a dictator, but it’s better in the long run that Indians don’t become white collar slaves.

  4. Nooo, surely not.

    Me, the 13th Duke of Wybourne, with myyyy reputation? [/The Fast Show]

  5. You have a wicked sense of humour :mrgreen: If that is… humour 😮

  6. What happened to all our smilies, dude? Makes my post look ridiculous without them 😀

  7. I need to tweak them to get them to work in Comments – the default method creates an absolutely enormous list of them which slows down page loading.

  8. You “tweaked” them? You removed them! *grumpy*


    Nice to see the post whoring spree, Ray! And I agree with all of you 😛 😀

  9. Yeah, what I will do is reenable them so you can see exactly why I removed them from view. There is probably an easy way to get them into a pop up, I just need the energy to do it….

  10. Apologies if you’re on dial up 🙂

  11. And off again…. I need to work out how to get them in a popup

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