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My god – a posting frenzy!

The more eagle eyed of you will notice a small addition at the top right of the page:

Link to

The reason for this is that I have realised that I am not giving enough love to my host – Brinkster. The people at Brinkster are absolutely marvellous. When I first set up this site (before Drew kindly stepped in and offered server space) I was using Brinkster entirely. They set me up extremely quickly and everything is very very cheap.

Looking through my emails from Brinkster, I have had less than 10 in a year. Basically, I forgot all about them and yet they continue doing their thing in the background.  This is exactly what I need in terms of blog hosting.

So, if anyone you know is looking for a low cost, low bother host, tell them I said to use Brinkster.

I know, I know, end of ad back to the :unwanted: stuff.


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  1. Or if you want to pay me to host you, feel free to contact me.. 😉

  2. mwa ha ha ha! Ray and I got in for free! (of course, I guess we’re the guinea pigs)

  3. I like being a guinea pig.

    Now where did I put my treadmill….?

  4. Well, If I know and trust you, I might host you for free, that’s the catch.. 🙂

  5. There's always a catch 😉

  6. I have the same opinion for Brinskter. Their support is among the best and this characteristic only elevates the quality of every web hosting provider. As you mention, only when you face your first frustration you are on position to value how priceless is to be dealing with people that have a deep knowledge of web hosting industry. The only thing that makes me wonder in web hosting, is why on earth almost everyone advertises nearly unlimited resources on their web hosting plans. I have learned from school that nothing is unlimited in nature (human stupidity is the only exception 🙂 , and when someone tries to convince me that I really get frustrated. Even serious web hosting companies loose reliability from this tactic.

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