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Quick question. Yer serious blogger, one of those that wish to teach the rest of us how to use WordPress properly, will speak much of the dashboard: what it is, what it shows and so on. But how many of us actually use it or read it?

Not me, really. In fact, until I saw something on Lorelle’s site, I had gone some time without thinking about it or even reading it – I’d just jump in to everything else. (On re-reading that, I ought to make it clear that I am talking about the frontpage of the dashboard, not the rest of it).


When I did read it, I realised that I should upgrade to kill some bugs and fix some security issues and that some other things had come up. So that was good. But really, does anyone actually read it?

I had a look at the “Latest Activity” panel and noticed the places that link here and found an odd page. It seems to link to me, but on reading the page, I can’t actually see what it links to. Most odd.

And now, now that I actually come to post this, the bleeding link has gone. Typical.

Anyway, your dashboard won’t change much to be honest – unless you write an awesome blog that gets linked to regularly or unless WordPress development goes mental and the team feels that they have to post on a daily basis.

There you are, a rather dull post about a dull part of the blog – in this case, by the way, it’s good that it’s dull, you do not want an exciting utility.

So, not much to say on this, good pictures though. Check out the utilities on your own blog, you may find something worth looking at.


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  1. Haha… now you’ve revealed the secrets of your inner sanctum, O’ mighty sorcerer and exalted one! πŸ˜›

  2. Uh, Ray?

    Are you talking about my blog?

  3. Hey, Charred, that’s a nice blog you’ve got there. I see you’ve changed over from Blogger. Good move.

  4. Well, thanks hari! I kinda like it. It’s not everything I want yet because “technical” thinking has become difficult since I got sick (part of my endocrine system broke, in case you were wondering), but I’m finally starting to see improvement.

    As to blogger, the only thing I can say (other than I hate it) is at least it wasn’t myspace!

  5. Well, take care of your health and good luck with whatever you do!

    (Seeing your user agent, I guess you’re using Slackware as well?)

  6. Yeah, I Slack.

    I hope to be annoying everyone at LQ again soon.

  7. Charred – no, the link was to some guy who is selling something about advertising on WordPress. When I went to check his site, I couldn’t see where the link here was. It’s gone now.
    Hari – yeah, inner sanctum, right πŸ™‚ You now know exactly how dull my dashboard really is πŸ˜€

  8. Not that mine is any different. I wonder if there are any themes for the WP admin panel. Probably there are…

  9. Ah, everything makes sense now. I was thinking, “What the hey…the link’s right there in my sidebar!”


  10. I haven’t even updated to 2.x yet, so imagine how dull mine is! Hah! πŸ˜€

    And Ray – please tell me that you aren’t trying to install Gentoo again :mrgreen:

  11. eah, I did start to install Gentoo, and then I remembered that I hated the compile times – it would take around 3 days to get a good desktop and I’m far too impatient πŸ™‚

    The WordPress dashboard is very dull whichever version you use πŸ˜€

  12. Hahaha! And Gentoo 2006.1 was released today :mrgreen:

    What were you doing, a Stage 1 install? Stage 3 installs don’t take anywhere near as long – but I never liked Gentoo anyway πŸ˜› lol

  13. It was a stage 3, but the most recent disk I had to hand was quite old. I installed it and felt good, but the whole compile thing to get something that looks and feels like Slackware….

    Well, obviously I’m going back to Slack πŸ™‚

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