Reasons To Be Cheerful

Earlier today, and earlier this month, I was thinking of things to be thankful for.  And I realised I have a lot.  So, in lieu of an actual post, here are some reasons I have to be cheerful and thankful.  It’s not exhaustive, but then neither is my mind.

In no particular order:

  1. I have been with my partner for over 10 glorious years – and we may be in need of some sort of wedding toast at some point….
  2. We have an awesome daughter who will be 9 soon and has already progressed to level 5 sarcasm
  3. We have a dog who is a big furry ball of fun
  4. We have our health (no small thing)
  5. I have a job I enjoy which is challenging but not hard, not bad for someone with only average GCSEs
  6. My staff, colleagues and boss are great fun to work with
  7. I get to moderate and be a member of the bestest Linux help forum out there – LQ
  8. Ditto for Literary Forums
  9. Through LQ, I get to publish articles
  10. Through LQ I have gotten to know Linux, get the confidence to create this site and meet a load of people from all around the world both virtually and in real life
  11. I’m relatively intelligent and well read – and I know my likes/dislikes
  12. Basically, I’m a fairly well-rounded human being, even if I do say so myself!

So, whenever you feel a bit down, just think of the good things in your life and you can sneer at everyone else.

Hmm, apparently people make a career out of this sort of thing…..


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  1. Those are pretty good reasons to be cheerful, if I may say so myself! 😀

    Here’s a book relevant to this topic which might give you another perspective: Stumbling on Happiness. I bought it from Amazon a few days ago 😀 I haven’t read it yet, but it has great reviews, and I heard from someone I know on a forum that it’s a great book… I’ll let you know what I think when I’ve read it 😉

  2. Cool. Hang on, it’s not a self help book is it??


  3. I’ll chip in and give one of my most cheerful things in my life:

    There is no sound equivalent to the sound of your own child laughing. For that I am cheerful for and there is truly nothing better in this world than to hear him laugh and giggle.

  4. Aahhhh…. tho thweet. 😛

  5. Yep, very thweet 🙂

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