Another Small Change

Couple of changes have been made:

In the sidebar, you will see a small audio player – it uses Flash, so you will need to allow it via Adblock or Flashblock if you want to view/use it.  This streams the LQ Podcasts.  Is it useful, intrusive, whatever?  Let me know – moving or removing it is pretty trivial.

I have removed the following from the Links page:

And I have added

Let me know of any defunct links you come across.  And definitely let me know if the audio player needs changing.


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  1. Yeah, my original intent of intoxicatedshadows was overwhelming and too much to handle, in providing stories, etc.

    I have been thinking about turning it into a domain dedicated to Indie Music, since RockPile died off and well, I wouldn’t mind starting a site that reviews new music I find, etc.

  2. I’d noticed that a while ago and just got around to fixing it 🙂

    An indie site would be good…

  3. A very rare appearance from Drew! Hi, mate! Hope things are going well for you whatever you’re up to these days 😉

  4. I like the LQ Podcast player! Nice plugin 😉

    It looks like the ExGF Project’s blogger is going away for a month, so I don’t think the blog is completely dead. Hehe!

    Hello Drew! It is indeed a rare appearance – what have you been up to these days? I hope all is going well for you and the family 😉

  5. Not doing much. Working lots of hours though. Spending time with the family. I did however just redesign my site tonight tonight. Perhaps I’ll be more motivated to keep it updated nowadays and hopefully this one stays for a longer period of time. 😉

  6. Drew – that’s a great look for your site. Love the header picture.

    J_K9 – I got fed up with him going away and coming back and ceasing to talk about what the site is all about, so I stopped going to it. He’s now talking about doing something else. I hate a half finished story 😦

  7. Drew – I love the redesign, and especially the header image! You have a great view from your office 😉

    Ray – Ah. I hadn’t checked his site in a while, but I just went there last night (when you mentioned removing the blog from your links list) and he had posted a huge update, so I was just wondering why… But I haven’t read his blog in quite a while, so what would I know 😛

  8. He seems to have found work on a new film, but you can see that over the last few posts he’s lost the impetus.

    Basically, he sees less point in dwelling on the past. So while his blog has done what he wanted – got the stories out of his head – he’s ceased posting and wants to try something new.

    On the one hand, fair play to him glad he’s on the mend, on the other hand, I wish he’d posted up all of the tales before being cured 🙂

  9. Haha! Yes, they were very interesting back when I used to read them… Then I switched to reading other things, like Linux and information security articles, and a select few blogs 😛

    Ah well.. It’s nice to know that he’s “cured,” even if it has destroyed his blog… Hehe! Who knows, he might change his mind and continue blogging about his femcounters 😉

  10. Give me inspiration, my fellow brother bloggers 😛

  11. Haha!

    Inspiration? Ok!


    1. Love what you do.
    2. Never stop learning.
    3. Form works with function.
    4. Simple is beautiful.
    5. Work hard, play hard.
    6. You get what you pay for.
    7. When you talk, we listen.
    8. Must constantly improve.
    9. Respect your inspiration.

    Now go and write something, Hari! 😀

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