Songbird – Proof of Concept

A wee while ago, I posted that the Songbird project had kicked off. The aim was to build an app based on Firefox that would run on Windows, Macs and Linux. At the time I posted, they only had the Windows version.

I am happy to say that they are closer to fulfilling their aims. I am currently running one of their nightly builds (Songbird not-yet-ready-to-be-called-0.2) on Ubuntu Dapper Drake. And it looks pretty good. In fact, right now I am using it to play some music I had ripped to my hard disk.

Because this is based on Firefox, the install is easy – untar the tarball and run ./Songbird. Easy peasy. Songbird is all black, I would imagine that this would be changeable – it’s Firefox at it’s base after all – which means it doesn’t look great on my laptop. However, that’s a minor niggle because the application itself runs great. Actually, while I wrote that, I did a small amount of exploring and there’s a fix for it inbuilt! Go to File–>Feathers and change from RubberDucky to Dove. And lo, it’s white.

Songbird Alpha 0.2

As you can see, it’s a good looking piece of software. If you are looking for a media player that also streams from the net natively with little fiddling, is open source and has no dependencies and works on Windows, Mac and Linux, I would say that you could do worse than install Songbird.


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  1. Wow.. It looks great! A FOSS iTunes rival, and an excellent looking one at that. I’m definitely impressed 😉

    Try poking around a bit, and see if you can find any bugs (for fun, and to help these guys out). I might have a go myself 😀 Well, as soon as I finish some jobs!

  2. Yeah – will do. I think it’s a great project, the first one I know of to base itself on Firefox and do something slightly different.

  3. And not only that, but used XUL to its advantage, and so has the Firefox look and feel.

    I came across another XUL-based app the other day, and quite a large one at that… It is a film script editor/film and/or play manager, or something like that. I didn’t take too good a look at it, as it’s not the kind of app I would use – but it still looks very good. It’s called Celtx (that’s it – it’s a media pre-production suite :P)

  4. Celtx looks pretty cool – if it can be extended for “normal” use, it could be the cross-platform collaborative tool we need!

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