Google Browser Sync Fix

I use the Google Browser Sync plugin for Firefox. This plugin allows you to sync your bookmarks and passwords on Firefox with a Google server. I find it invaluable for quickly getting back up and running after a reinstall. And I do a few of those 🙂

Recently, anyone trying to install the plugin will have seen one or both of the following:

  • When hitting “Agree and Install”, nothing happens – no pop up warning, no install, nothing
  • When hitting “Agree and Install”, you are told that the plugin is not available in your country.

Most odd.

When I hit the first problem in the list, I was a little perturbed. All my passwords and bookmarks were available, just not to me. So I searched Google and found the answer. Ironic, no?

Here are the steps taken by me and by others:

Go to first of all. You will see an address bar for which you wish to anonymously browse. Put into the address bar.

And lo! You can download and install the plugin. Hope this helps more than just me.


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  1. I’d forgotten about that – it’s about time I give this extension a try. I had to use your Anonymizer solution to do it from home, I’ll let you know how it goes when I try installing it from work tomorrow – our server is in another country 🙂

  2. P.S. It kind of defeats the point of this extension a tad, but if you can’t get it to install, you can always copy your Firefox profile via a USB disk 😉

  3. This is true. I just got fed up downloading my passwords and bookmarks from storage every time I reinstalled. Saves a lot of bother.

  4. Well, I can now confirm that the extension downloads just fine from Switzerland, so if you’re planning a holiday anytime soon & need to get this extension. . .

  5. I can see nothing wrong with going to Switzerland to download a file from the internet. Nothing at all.

  6. Except the plane fare 😛 Hehe!

    The only thing I’d be wary of there is the fact that my stuff is being uploaded to Google’s servers… That is something I am not too fond of! 😀

    Hmm… Dominic, you mentioned just copying your profile.. Where can I find it? And I assume that it does not back up extensions (I use FEBE for that, and for the other stuff at the moment, anyway ;))?

    Thanks 😉

  7. It can back up passwords, cookies and bookmarks – you can also deselect the bits you don’t want to be stored, passwords for instance. It saves a heck of a lot of time when you reinstall firefox or your OS.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t store extensions – that’d be handy though 🙂

  8. FEBE does all four of them, and more! It’s not as difficult to set up (hehe!), and it stores the files locally so that you can put them onto a removable drive and take it to another PC.. I haven’t had much luck with its bookmarks backup feature, but the other features work very well 😀

  9. I’ll have to look into FEBE – even though I’ve got a workaround for GBS….

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