Puppy Linux

In a bid to actually fill this blog with more than just ramblings, I’ve begun reviewing distros that catch my eye. These are not necessarily mainstream distros – everyone does those – but just interesting distros. At least, interesting to me.

The latest in the series is Puppy Linux. I ran version 2.01r2. Puppy is a small distro – the iso itself is 71mb – and gets you several internet browsers, a gui desktop, different text editors, a download/install manager and much else. It is designed to be small and lightweight. The fact that Firefox is only available via the package manager and is described as a “Large and powerful web browser” made me smile. This gives you an idea of the aims of the Puppy project.

The install was very quick and straightforward. You are given a choice of Xvesa or Xorg when deciding on your video options – Xorg didn’t work when I tried it, but that is likely to be a problem with Qemu not with Puppy.

Installing Puppy           Video Setup

Once you are in, you may need to setup your net connection – whether via modem (analogue or cable or digital) or by network card – but Puppy makes it easy to do. And then you’re up and running. You could leave it all as is, or go ahead and expand it by adding software. It’s fast, light and very friendly. Definitely recommended if you dislike the larger distros, have memory limitations or space limitations. Even more worth checking out if you want to try a distro – download is quick, install is quick and using it is quick.



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  1. Short and sweet – a bit like Puppy! 😛

    And now I’m going to get off XP before it burns my eyes 😯


  2. heheh. Yeah, Puppy is a pretty cool distro – not something I would use myself, but maybe for people with old kit, or for “3rd world” countries.

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