I just upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.0.4, so if anything is broken or seems not to work, let me know.

This upgrade fixes some security issues, so if you run the free version of WordPress, it’s worth updating.


In the same vein, I also updated Gregarius (my rss feed page) to 0.5.4 to fix some security issues in that software.  At the same time, I changed the theme to Simplicity and added a few plugins.  Try it and see.

Again, if anything is broken, please let me know.


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  1. Nothing looks broken to me.. Nice job!

    I’m still stuck on the 1.x line 😀

  2. But that means that you have all sorts of security holes and international terrists willtake over your site and bring down the West.

  3. Is it simply a matter of overwriting your existing WP files and that’s it?

  4. Yep – just the same as with the earlier updates. Don’t forget to back up your folders first though.

  5. I took a backup when I upgraded vBulletin, so it’s just a matter of upgrading then.

  6. By the way, what’s the “free version of WordPress”? Is there a paid version then?

  7. I thought there was a paid for version. Mybe I’m mixing up with a paid for version. Anyway, this applies to the version of the software.

  8. is a hosting service for wordpress blogs similar to for those without their own server space. Last time I checked that is free as well.

    Hope that explains it.

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