More Desirable Versions Of Existing Things

Thanks again to The Weekly for the title of this post.

I’d promised myself that I wouldn’t do this, I hate going to read a post and discovering it to be just a link or links. But I don’t want to discuss this just point you to the blog Proudly Serving My Corporate Masters and say, if you liked (or didn’t like) The Da Vinci Code, you will hopefully enjoy this:

The Microsoft Code:

It’s written by a Microsoft insider and is a wonderful parody. Enjoy.


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  1. Another spoof? 😛 Hehehe…

  2. Yep. I thought it may interest you Hari 🙂

  3. Nice!

    I will be reading this later on.. 😀

    I've also found something which may interest both of you; brought to us by the creator of Dilbert, I present God's Debris, whose author (Scott Adams) has released for free. That's another (albeit, longer!) story I will soon be reading! 😀

  4. Excellent! Thanks for that. You may also enjoy the “Science of Discworld” series which discuss science (durr) but in the context of the Discworld wizards having built a world very very much like our own….

    They cover Darwin, fossils, time and other stuff in a very easy to read way.

  5. If you want to discuss books, let’s do it on, hehe… 😛

  6. No problem, Ray! And thanks for mentioning the Discworld series.. Another set of books I’ll need to buy after reading my current ones! 😀

    Hehe Hari.. I would go there and post about God’s Debris – but I don’t have much time nowadays. I had one of my hardest exams this morning – now I’ve only got three left. Two of the three remaining ones are the hardest yet. 😮

    But I’ll try to go on more in the Summer 😉

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