Definitely Some Changes….

Quick heads up for you all. I am becoming dissatisfied with the look of this blog. Fickle, I know.

Those of you with sharp eyes will have spotted some minor tweaks I’ve made, out of random boredom, but I’m going to change the look of the whole thing. This means grabbing another theme and fiddling with it. This is because I’m not at all creative and my css/html skillz are less than mad.

So stay tuned and if I break anything, please let me know.


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  1. So far, so good.
    I have kept in the copyright bit, so that should make Alison happy ;), and have remmoved some of the bits I don’t like/need.

    Now to change the font colours….

  2. That’ll do for now. Removed stuff, changed the way the header looks and operates.

    Next step, fiddle more with colours, get the font size increased in the sidebar and get my plugins to work….

  3. hard to read at the moment- gray on white- ouch!
    I like the purple.

    The links are a bit small.

    otherwise, it’s got a nice wider format.


  4. The purple needs to be changed too. Maybe dark bluish. The grey needs to be darked.

  5. Yep, you are both correct. The original colour scheme was orange/grey/white.

    There are also a couple of plugins I’ve seen which may make this easier to use.

  6. Ok, I seem to have a theme of sorts. The font colour now matches my favicon more closely, the header is outside the main text box, the right hand nav bar font is more readable.

    The links page (there wasn’t one originally) is the same as the rest of it all and the header is now a link back to the home page.

    Does anyone have poor eyesight? I only ask because I have 20/20 vision and find this fairly easy on the eye – anyone having problems with it?

  7. test comment just to see what happens

  8. Live comment plugin is working, as you type it shows what you are writing and how it looks even if you use html tags.

  9. test with preview box up above the text box. And using Konqueror.

  10. This code here: ID); ?> puts the comment preview into the comments page. I’d like it to go to the right hand side of the text box that you type stuff into, anyone know how I can do this?


  11. Update so I know where I am: header image has been created and made clickable. I have filled in the space around the image so you don’t know what size it is 🙂 Just need to work out how to make the header bar resizable if you resize the window.

  12. mmm. much better. Oh! you have lifehacker-esk preview commenting! but your’s is much more responsive. Oooh. I like this. Like the blue. mm.

    well done!

    *must resist temptation to tweak my own blog* gah! only two and a half more weeks! html code tried for the fun of it

    oh! you might want to restrict html access. 🙂

    can I break it? leaving a tag open… hahahahah

  13. hey! it stripped my massive text! reduced it! and it looks as if it handled my malicious “oops I forgot to close a tag”ness.

    good job Ray!

  14. hmm. You can’t wrap it in a div and mess with alignments etc? (re next to instead of on top of)

    and the links look good now.

    (and I’ll quit posting so often. :D)

  15. Nah, no need to stop posting, I want this tested to destruction. With the whole div stuff, I need to do some research…..

    How do you like the header? I made that all by myself. 🙂

  16. one more: I really REALLy like this one. the main page looks a treat and it’s just gorgeous.

    wait: how does a link look:

  17. Link looks fine, both as a plain url and as LQ.

  18. I feel a post coming on….. It looks as though the last thing I need to do is to move the preview area to the right. Then I’ll knock up a post detailing what I did to the template I downloaded and where I got help and ideas from.

    That sounds like the right thing to do 😉

  19. So <b>HTML</b> works properly, does it?

    Hmmm… <i>Not</i> convinced

    Heh. That oughta make’m paranoid ;o)

  20. Taking a break now. The preview box displays better in Konqueror than in Firefox. Typical.

    If anyone has access to IEx.x and wouldn’t mind spending a couple of minutes checking this I’d be appreciative.

    And Dom, I think this thing has been using and since I’ve been using it 🙂

  21. And the preview box needs to be scrollable, too.

  22. Seems fine in IE for me.

    Except the preview pane is at the side rather than above this text entry box. . .

    Slight oddity I’ve had a few times when looking at comments tho: The text doesn’t sit in the text entry fields, it’s staggered quite a bit above them. No idea if it’s a FF error or your CSS/HTML/whatever… See here for a screenshot (undoctored I promise ;o)

  23. Hmm. That seems odd. The preview pane should be at the side, that’s what I’ve spent about an hour on 🙂

    I need to work out how to make it scrollable now.. Otherwise the text goes outside the preview box.

  24. Ah, the preview is now on the side – tho it overlaps the text entry box when my Bookmarks sidebar is open. No big problem, tho..

    Scrollable? Just how long do you expect comments to be? :o)

  25. Oh, and the preview doesn’t take smileys into account 😦

  26. Yes I know 🙂
    Can’t have everything 😉

  27. Ah, the preview is now on the side – tho it overlaps the text entry box when my Bookmarks sidebar is open. No big problem, tho..

    Yeah, the preview box doesn’t resize like the rest of the blog. Still working on that.
    And I need the scrollable lines, just in case – we’ve all had long replies from time to time…

  28. Actually, I think that will do for now. Time to round it all up in a post!

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