Things Get In The Way

Today is Sunday and I went through a short period where I was suddenly bored. So I thought I’d whack up a short entry complaining about boredom. Then I thought it would be funny to put up a short video clip from BBC’s The Young Ones where the character Vyvyan is walking around with a cricket bat saying “bored bored bored” and hits Rick (with a silent P) around the head. But I couldn’t find it.

I did, however, get to read a load of episode synopses and then out of desperation I decided to look into snipping the scene from one of my videos at home. Which means researching ImageMagick and MPlayer – which means that I have enough to do to stop me from being bored.ƂĀ  But more MPlayer than ImageMagick.

Thanks to O’Reilly books and Kyle Rankin for the “Linux Multimedia Hacks” book.
Damn you open source software and your million and one uses! Damn you!


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  1. Hmm… Is it me or is the clip missing? šŸ˜€

    I’m addicted to Desperate Housewives at the moment.. Just can’t get enough of it šŸ˜›

  2. Clip is missing as I am acquiring it as we speak šŸ™‚

  3. hey, good tagline for linux-
    “Linux- the boredom killer”

    my problem at the moment is I want to have nothing to do so I can mess about, but of course assignments…

    grrr. I’d better get a move on my history assignmnent. grr.

    Ray- quit distracting me. šŸ™‚

  4. Nope šŸ˜€ Everyone needs to be distracted or the whole world will end.

    Sometimes, just occasionally, I wish Linux were more limited, that way I wouldn’t keep finding new things to do with it. Maybe if a cost model were introduced, it would slow us all down……;)

  5. *Wishes he were as cool as Ray.*

  6. I wish I was bored… at any given time of the day!

  7. All the cool kids hang out here šŸ˜€

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