My Dog Is Great

I said before that I would post up pics of Indi when I had them. So here is one for you to look at.

Indi posing in front of the fireplace

Isn’t he lovely?  Right now he’s 12 weeks old, he’s going to get a lot bigger and be even more of a handful.  Because he is a pedigree dog (and valuable) we have taken out puppy insurance, registered his DNA and had him electronically tagged – we want him to be a family member for a long time.

His latest project is a hole in our back garden.   Currently it’s not a huge hole, but he goes back to it each day and with hard work I’m sure he’ll get it as big as he wants it.

Of course, his plans will be completely scuppered when we pave over it all.


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  1. heheheheh.

    looks cute.
    I bet his paws aren’t that white after digging!

  2. No, they definitely aren’t white after digging! In fact, we took the pics of him the day after giving him a very thorough bath.

  3. Very nice… 12 weeks old! Looks older than that…

  4. It’s what I like about dogs, in a few months he will be at his full adult size. Which means that I won’t be tripping over him so much, I hope!

  5. Cute! He looks older than he is..Has he had any ‘accidents’ in the house? 😛

  6. Yeah, we’ve had a few of those 🙂 He’s getting much much better though.

  7. Dogs usually stop growing at 1 years old and stop being a puppy at 2 years old. When I had my Husky/Wolf, he was 30 lbs at 8 weeks. At one year, he was 130 lbs.

    Very cute indeed. Next time you make it to Linux World, bring him with you, he can be the LQ booth mascot.. 😉

  8. heheh, he likes biting things far too much – we’d end up with severed cables and destroyed Tuxes all over the place. I may set him loose on the Gnome stand this year though….. 😉

  9. My what big eyes he has – is Grandma safe?

  10. He’s very friendly in a nice way 🙂

  11. I agree , it looks cute – but very tender too.
    Summer comes – take him off the carpets!
    He will like it :o)

  12. Come the summer, hopfully we’ll get a proper one not an English one, he’ll probably be very quiet – he’s bred for cold weather. Winter is when we will get problems 🙂

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