Dog Ownership

Is there no end to my responsible outlook on life? Not content with being a homeowner, people/operations manager, father and all round good guy, we have today bought a dog.

We are now the proud owners of a Siberian Husky (those dogs that look like wolves). He’s 9 weeks old and is a “light red” colour with amber eyes. Sibes are very good with children apparently.

So that’s what I’ve been up to recently. I’ll post up pictures as and when they become available.

With many thanks to the nice people at IceTrax who bred him and treated us so well when we bought him.


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  1. Very cool dogs indeed. Be prepared for destruction though, they love to chew and eat things that aren’t food. I had one when I lived in Indiana, well, actually he was about 90% wolf, Grey Wolf and Timber along with Siberian Husky. Too bad I got an apartment and he was just too much to handle so I found him a good home.

  2. Thanks Drew. We’ve been warned about that! He’s just getting used to us at the moment and we haven’t chipped him or given him his shots yet so we can’t take him out.

    They are lovely dogs.

  3. Awaiting the pics. 🙂

  4. Siberian Huskies are really friendly – I used to know one which would actually sit down next to you and rub its back against your side so that you would stroke it! They’re great dogs though 🙂

    What have you called it?

  5. He’s called Indi – that’s his Dad’s name and he responds to it.

    Huskies are incredibly friendly and he’s a great dog.

  6. glad you are happy with your pup, hope he grows into a great dog,,we took his dad to a live event in London on friday night along with one other, and he was an absolute star,greating over 800 guests at a large awards bash,it was a russian theme so hence the sibes,,they had huge ice sculptures of husky’s and indy and inca had to stand besides these with an actor dressed as a russian , it was cool,,

  7. Awesome – thanks Louisa. Indi is definitely a family favourite, he loves Leanne and loves being part of the family.

    If you have pics of Indy and Inca, I’d love to see them.

  8. Wow, a Siberian Husky. They have always been a firm favorite of mine. My only regret is being unable to adopt one because of my small apartment. Congrats on having such a great dog and I’m sure you’ll be the perfect family for the dog too!=)

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