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Google’s at it again. They apparently have a top 100 list of things they want to do and they also let their engineers come up with things for Google to do. We’ve already seen their foray in personal pages, well, they have other things out there.

I have long been looking for a decent RSS feed reader, I tried a few and they all seem just too heavy. Incidentally, if anyone knows of a lightweight feed reader that integrates well with KDE let me know.

I wandered over to the Google Lab and had a look at what was on offer. Among other things, they have Google Reader. “Oh ho,” thought I, “looks interesting” and it was. It’s a web based RSS feed reader. It’s still in beta (aren’t most Google products?) and it doesn’t seem able to actually tell you when a feed is updated. But it’s fairly quick and easy to set up, Google search helps you find the feeds and the reading area is fairly large.
You can even edit the existing tags to make them into the tags you find useful. They even have an Official Google Reader Blog. Aww, bless.
Upcoming Google products are found here, so it’s worth checking it out from time to time.

Pretty picture time:

Google Reader in action


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  1. For KDE, there is Akregator. It’s quite decent, integrates with the panel and hides in the icon view when you don’t need it. It also displays new feeds so you just click it to open it.

  2. Yeah, I did try Akregator, but it seemed to slow the system down. It may just have been my build though – the latest install seems quicker all round.

    I may give it another chance.

    Thanks Hari

  3. Possibly not quite what you’re looking for, but my search for the perfect RSS aggregator eventually lead me to MagpieRSS.

    Only it’s not something you install locally: It’s something you install at your web host & use to generate web page(s)

    The advantages are that I can access it from anywhere; I can have it show only as much or as little content as I really want; I can have the links go to the specific article OR to the site’s front page; I can format it the way I like it; I can have non-RSS links that might be handy. . .

    Have a look: – it’s set up specifically for my screen resolutions, wants & needs, but it gives you an idea of just what it can do!

  4. Magpie looks pretty impressive. Thanks for showing me that, I may add it to here…..

  5. Let me guess.. Google Reader also stores your RSS feeds to supply the bosses with the latest feed stats? πŸ˜‰

    I’ve tried Akregator too – and I liked it quite a lot. But, if you’re looking for something to host on your website, then Gregarius is quite a good alternative to Magpie (which looks a bit cluttered IMHO). An example can be found here:
    Paul’s site also has a tutorial on how to setup Gregarius, although I’m sure it can’t be that hard. πŸ™‚

    Good luck finding the right one!


  6. ooh cool- but time for the tinfoil hat brigade (if they haven’t all crawled under rocks all ready) Thanks for pointing it out!

    Of course, I like livebookmarks- it’s simpler, but of course more bandwidth intensive.

  7. Some excellent ideas all. Thanks.

  8. Swift update – I’ve gone with Akregator for the short term

  9. RSS feeds? I don’t even have time to almost browse nowadays.. πŸ™‚

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