Taking Over The Web. One Page At A Time

Google have been busy again. Not content with pictures, webmail, searching and the like, they have now started a service to help you create your own webpage.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Google Pages. They offer a page called http://%5Byour nickname].google.com/[your sitename] for free. It has a very easy to use WYSIWYG page editor, a number of themes for you to use and a 100mb storage limit. Knowing Google, I would guess that this will increase, a la Gmail. If you want to quickly or easily throw up a page, this is ideal for you.
Anyway, here’s a screenshot:

Google Page Example

It’s the kind of thing that Tripod and Geocities have been doing for ages, but having the Google name will make it gain in popularity very quickly. I wonder if this is part of their “access everything on the web” push. Having your website and email account with Google will make your data even more accessible to them…… Tinfoil hat time?

I joke. It’s another service from Google. If you have a problem with Google, you won’t use it. Otherwise, you will. Good luck whichever is your choice.


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  1. “Taking over the web”

    Hasn’t google done that already? 😛

  2. Well, yes. But now they are taking over it even more 🙂

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