Climate Change – we can all help

The BBC is hosting a SETI-alike project on climate change. Page is here.

As with SETI, the aim is to use your computer to crunch numbers. There are clients for both Windows and Linux, but not, apparently, Macs. As the beeb says:

We need the computer power you’re not using. Join in the largest climate prediction experiment ever, developed by climate scientists for the BBC using the Met Office climate model.

I remember when SETI first became popular, there were predictions that this model would become prevalent and that there would be multiple projects all over the web. This is the 4th such that I know about. Predictions and the internet never really go together, do they?

There are loads of pages about the project itself and what it’s all about and, because it’s the beeb, loads of info on climate change and global warming. Even if you have no desire to join the project (because you’re looking for aliens or folding proteins) the site is very informative and pretty well laid out.

If none of these projects interest you, have a look at this Wikipedia page on other distributed computing projects – the list is longer than I thought when I started this article.


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  1. That’s pretty interesting actually – I have an iMac which would be pretty good for the job (ok, admittedly only 512MB RAM and not even an Intel one, but still not too bad…) and my now-Slack part-time-server too. 😉

    The information they’ve got on the site though is misleading. It says that once they have over 10,000 computers offering their services, they’ll be more powerful than the best supercomputer. Er – unlikely, as I don’t think most people doing this will have processors as powerful as one of Bluegene/L’s chips. 10,000 volunteers aren’t going to produce over 280 TeraFlops/second (sic), that’s for sure. Ok, unless one of the volunteer’s _is_ a supercomputer, but you catch my drift 😉 rofl

    Ah heck, why not join it – it’s not like my Slack box will be doing much when I’m not there! If only I can get the X server and NIC to work… hehe

  2. Pah, every project says that with X pcs, we’ll be more powerful than the heat of the sun. Few people will call them on it, so we should cut them a little slack. It’s less impressive to say that “with 10,00 computers we’ll be more powerful than a million Commodore 64s” 🙂

    And it’s not unheard of for (if not a supercomputer) for labs to run this sort of project for testing and benchmarking. I think Sun at one time had a room full of very powerful Solaris boxes running SETI.

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