Dell Has A Linux Blog?

Why must major companies act to confuse us?  First a company has never heard of Linux, then the same company says Linux is the best thing in the whole wide world, then they deny all knowledge of it and then they have Linux pages which I’ve never heard of.

Dell is a case in point. They were behind Linux, then they weren’t, then they are again.  I saw them at LinuxWorld London in 2005 – although their offerings weren’t great – and it seemed as if they were quietly trying get back to Linux again.  Of course, as every decent hardware company should know, the best way to get into Linux is to give me loads of free, expensive hardware and I’ll big them up 🙂

Out of sheer boredom, I typed “Linux blog” into Google to see what was out there.  And lo and behold, the top link was to Dell’s Linux Blog.  This confused me, but i assumed at first that it was one of those things companies allow staff to do to stop them clogging up staff meetings.  And to pretend that they are part of the community.  However, the Dell Linux community appears to be real.  Here’s what they say on the welcome page:

Welcome to the Dell Linux Community Web. This site is dedicated to providing any information that may be useful regarding your usage of Linux on your Dell equipment. While Dell primarily works with and officially supports Red Hat and SuSE Linux, many of our customers choose to run other distributions. Though we cannot have telephone support for all of the different flavors and configurations and patches you may be using, since these have not gone through our standard testing practices, we certainly can foster other methods that may provide you with help and resources. This website, along with our highly popular mailing lists, allow us to help you use your Dell equipment however you choose.

From the company that brought you the direct model in computing, we now bring you a direct link into our Linux team and their expertise.

Looks real to me.

Their last entry was in October 2005, so this is not regularly updated but is definitely a start in the right direction.


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  1. Most companies at least want to be seen as supporting Linux these days, so it’s a good sign. It’s understandable though, that their distro support may be limited to a couple of popular ones.

  2. I don’t mind that distro support is limited – as long as they provide an rpm, a deb and a tarball then everyone is happy. It’s just the fact that Linux appears to be the “dirty little secret” that surprises me. It’s not as though they will loose street cred by supporting it – Linux has come a long way in the last 10 years.

  3. I hadn’t realised! I think it’s great that Dell are (in some way) supporting Linux – it shows that we’re moving up and forwards in the computer world. Now all we need is for all other hard- and software companies to do the same…

  4. I had no idea they had one either. Knowing this, I’m less disappointed with them than before, but only slightly so.

  5. It’s not been updated recently unfortunately, so I’m not sure how committed they are to the blog. Chances are that whoever made the initial push for the blog has now moved on to other things and they’ve lost the impetus.

  6. Linux rulez, I want to buy a laptop that have ubuntu already installed.
    Just waiting for my online cash to withdrawn… 😀

    Babaks last blog post..تایپیست شوید ، این بار با تفریح

  7. Dell, Asus, Acer and a few more companies are introducing per-installed Linux on the PC’s.

    This will definately help the FOSS community!

    Sudo Aptitude@tech blog, Linux blog’s last blog post..Will Cuil Replace Google?

  8. If many people request Linux OS then companies will definitely provide them.. But in the coming days Linux will really rock on laptops

    TechnoSamrat@Linux Softwares´s last blog post..Ivory – Solitaire Tile Matching Game for Windows, MAC OS X and Linux

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