KDE 3.5

I just installed KDE 3.5. Whoopee! I hear you say. I am a die hard KDE user – I’ve tried other desktops and I just don’t feel totally comfortable with them. I’m not bothered by eye-candy, my memory/processor speed are fine for a heavier desktop and I just like to install it and use it with minimal configuration. Because I am lazy.

3.5 has been out for a little while, but this was the first night that I saw that there were Slackware binaries available. Yes, as a Slacker I should be doing the whole thing from source, but like I said, I’m lazy. So I opened a terminal, wget-ted the files and ran upgradepkg. And the upgrade was done.

Enough about that, let’s talk 3.5. Immediately, little seems to have changed. KDE releases updates often enough that changes don’t seem obvious as long as you stay within releases – KDE 2 was different to KDE 3 and KDE 4 should change radically again. But moving from 3.4.x to 3.5 brings few surprises.

So what has changed? Well, SuperKaramba is now part of KDE – about time, in my opinion. Hovering your mouse over the clock brings up a number of timezones and the current time there. Very useful if your business or contact list spans several continents. The menu has been reordered slightly – Editors now resides under Utilities and there are more submenus in Utilities.

In a bid to appeal to Windows users, the KDE team have made changes to what happens when you insert removeable media. Remember what happens when you insert a cd in XP? Well the same thing happens in KDE. Rather than boringly go through all the changes, go to the KDE 3.5 Visual Guide page and see for yourself.

Further links:

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Download KDE Binary packages (scroll to the bottom to see the links)

KDE 3.5 Requirements

Konstruct – a way to build source packages for your system

Konqueror now passes the Acid2 browser test, which is nice.

I doubt that this latest release will change Gnome users’ minds, or die hard users of other desktops, but we KDE users will be interested.


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  1. I’ll wait for KDE 3.5 to reach the Debian testing repositories. Anyway, my views on KDE are very similar to yours… I’ve tried plenty of other desktops, but I just keep returning to KDE.

  2. >> Konqueror now passes the Acid2 browser test, which is nice. >>

    Really?! Wow – not even FF1.5 passes it! 😛 That’s pretty cool!

    And SuperK is already part of KDE? I thought that was only going to be in KDE4; ah well, the sooner the better! *must update* 😉

  3. another comment. why are they not appearing????

  4. magical test comment

  5. magical test comment2

  6. why won’t these show up

  7. Lol – I feel sorry for you Ray; you’re gonna have a hell of a lot of cleaning up to do! 😉

  8. I’m going to leave my frustrated comments on there so that everyone can know the pain I have gone through.

  9. Glad to see my original comment preserved though 0:-)

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