Interlude – A Joke

2 beekeepers are having a conversation about their work.

1st Beekeeper: How many bees do you have?

2nd Beekeeper: 20000

1st Beekeeper: 20000? How many hives?

2nd Beekeeper: 50. How many bees do you have?

1st Beekeeper: A million

2nd Beekeeper : A million bees? Wow. How many hives?

1st Beekeeper: One

2nd Beekeeper: Wait a minute…. you have a million bees and only one hive?

1st Beekeeper: Yeah. Fuck ’em, they’re only bees.

This joke makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. Which probably says a lot about me. Enjoy.


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  1. Would I be patronised if I said that: “I don’t get it”? lol….

    I’m sure it’s a funny joke though – really 😉 Hehehe…

  2. testing comments where are you

  3. that’s pretty funny…

  4. That’s pretty funny..

  5. I’m with J_K9. I don’t get the joke either 😦

  6. Say the joke out loud, but say the final line in a way that says “i don’t care”.

  7. I still don't get it, it it supposed to be some sort of feminist joke?

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