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No, not me 🙂 LXer.com posted a story (or a link to one) from a reviewer who had been heavily criticised for one of his reviews (story is here). One of the “talkback” entries was from a blogger who had a very similar experience. Now, I don’t want to go into a rant about how every time you have an opinion on Linux world+dog leap in and tell you how stupid you are. We’ve all seen it and it’s tiresome: Linux is a big boy now and no longer needs us all to leap to it’s defence. If there is a problem with Linux, acknowledge it, fix it and move on.

At this time of writing, the article is about 7 months old, but I thought it useful to link to it and discuss it because of the focus of the reviews and the eventual winner. First, some links:

So, what was the controversial method used? Well, the author, Devnet, asked his wife to review a handful of distros and let him know the scores based on her experiences. Which is, conciously or not, what we all do when we try out a distro. So she, Mrs Devnet a die-hard Windows user and Linux newbie, did this. From reading her reports I believe she was fair and open and knew what she wanted to see and what she wanted out of it. The only problem, for Linux users/advocates/rabid nutters, is that she had definite opinions and ideas.The eventual winner was a surprise to most and the overall “loser” an even bigger surprise. She chose PCLinuxOS as her favourite, for a number of reasons listed on the site (see the links). I found this interesting because at the moment, Ubuntu‘s star is on the rise and is touted as the distro for the new user.

I haven’t tried out PCLOS, so have no opinion on the distro itself, but if it is as good as Devnet and his wife say it is, then we may have a new contender for the “ultimate newbie distro” crown.


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  1. I’ve got to agree that PCLOS is an excellent start for a newbie to Linux, but I don’t know if its the tops or not. I have found that its got a nice default setup and the ATI and NVidia drivers are included, so newer video cards should work out of the box. I don’t know about after, though. I haven’t used the distro as a hard drive install for a long time, so I can’t say what its like now. But, I did notice that if you wanted things not to break, you had to stick to the rpms that were in Textar’s repository. Mixing with mainline Mandrake(iva) often produces breakage at a frustrating level. The defaults are drippy gorgeous, though.

    For a newbie, I still recommend Mepis, though,as it seems to not break as easily as other “newbie friendly” distros when a user tries to upgrade or install from outside the sheltered distro-spefic repositories. Kubuntu is a strong contender, too, though (notice my KDE preference, er bias).

    My $0.02

  2. I haven’t tried PCLOS but it seems to be very slick. I like KDE too 🙂

  3. I haven't tried PCLinuxOS either – although I agree, it does look quite nice. I wonder how it would run on an older computer? You see, I tried SimplyMEPIS on my friend's 3-year-old laptop (not _that_ old) and it just wouldn't run properly. It was far too slow (one might say it 'lagged' a lot ;)) and it wasn't particularly amazing.

    But I'll go for anything KDE! I've read the articles before, but it's always nice to go over them again. Thanks Ray for the reminder! 😉


  4. PCLos will work about the same as SimplyMepis on computers as far as lag or not. It does take a bit longer to boot, which is different than its parent (but that may change with chainloading)

  5. I like it, very nice indeed…

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