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Readers of Max’s Blog will have seen that we recently put together a list of the 10 Applications Every Linux User Should Have. A list you can agree with or not.

I was, at the time, using Sylpheed-Claws as my mail client – for no other reason than to test it out to see if I was missing something. I have since returned to Thunderbird. But the one thing I really liked about Sylpheed-Claws was the fact that it had a mail notifier. One that sat in the system tray and let me know if mail had arrived. I returned to Thunderbird and thought “well, those clever people must have created a notifier for Thunderbird. Right?” Well, no. There isn’t one.

So I went on a hunt for a notifier. Google was a great help here and I soon found Kbiff – the KDE Mail Notification Utility. This is independent of your mail client and sits in the system tray. It’s able to check multiple accounts and is very unobtrusive. The install was a breeze and I now know when I receive mail on my POP3 accounts without having to mess around with opening Thunderbird.

By creating a link in ~/.kde/Autostart to the executable, it starts on boot up. Automatically.

So if you need a mail notifier for Thunderbird and don’t run Gnome, Kbiff is a useful tool.

You Gnome users are on your own.


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  1. Thanks for the link – nice notifier 😉

    KMail brought a notifier but I was trying to find one for Thunderbird…and look where it popped up! Hehe…

    And now off on my journey to solve dependency problems again! 😉 (That description of it on the site is slightly outdated – we are now working with the synaptic developers for the most tightly integrated solution to this problem).


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