Small Changes Are Happening

You may have noticed that firstly, I have changed the visual theme of the blog, I was unhappy with it. The power…oh, the power!!

Secondly, I have removed all the links from the sidebar and put them all on their own page. This means that I can arrange them as I wish, reorder them, add descriptions and images and all sorts of other things I may or may not wish to do.

There will be more changes on the way – stay tuned!


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  1. And that header needs to be a wee bit shorter

  2. Yeah, I am not sure but it seems just about every blog software package and even the free one’s seem to really like the large header with mid-size text right smack in the middle like this default WordPress theme. I think even Blogspot even does it by default. The software I ended up going with called Nucleus does as well, but it bothered me so much, I had to change with my own graphics almost immediately.

  3. That’s my next project. So far, I have changed the header colour to grey. Just because I didn’t like the blue. Next step is to resize and change it entirely.

  4. Nah, set it back. The grey was even worse.

  5. Well at least I can read it. Mind you there is an awful lot of light grey on either side of the text block. This may however be due to the fact that I am looking at it full width half height on a 22 inch flat panel with an on-screen picture-in-picture TV [BBC News24 at the mo.] in the bottom right.

  6. I see it too. It’s one of those things that I need to fix – it’s there in FF on Windows and Linux and IE. Looking around at other blogs, it seems to be the way that blogs look all the place. Very odd.

    I’ll probably end up having to do it all from scratch, which will be painful.

  7. You may also enjoy the “Daily Deep Thought From Jack Handy” at the top of the sidebar.

  8. yay! personalization is fun! I like the menus.

  9. hey! the message about “me an vinny” is gone… 😦

  10. My god, I thought no one had seen that 🙂 I’ll put it back at some point.

  11. And now it’s back 🙂

  12. How did you get that random quote thing? Is it a plugin for WP?

  13. The quotes are from “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy”. It’s a WP Plugin (very simple to do – heck, I did it!) and you can get it from:

    If Jack is not to your liking, on the plugins page of the WordPress Codex you can get other random quote generators.

  14. I’m looking for a random quote plugin which will allow me to enter my own quotes as well. 😛

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! 😀

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