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We need to talk. It’s not you, it’s me. At the beginning, when we first started this, things were great; I was happy with you and visited you regularly. After a while though, it all grew a little…stale. So we changed, we moved and things were great again. But lately, I’ve been a little dissatisfied. We need to work together and improve on this whole thing.

As I have said recently, WordPress will soon be releasing v2 of their software. I will say this, I like using WordPress and do not intend changing it for a different software. But when I do switch to it, I don’t particularly want to keep the whole look and feel of the site the same

One thing I am unhappy about is the links section (see right hand sidebar). The links tend to slip down the page and it’s a pain to keep scrolling down to view them. I also feel it’s unfair for those sites I link to to not be prominent. So one thing I do want to do is have a links page. With that decided, what type of links do you want to see?

What I would like from you is suggestions for headings and links you think I would benefit from having. I do have some standards though: if you are suggesting a forum, please make sure that there are a substantial number of threads and members on it. While I am sure that there are worthy forums out there with 15 threads and 3 members, they tend to be short lived and I’d rather not have to go around tracking down dead links and redirecting or removing them. So substantial, long lived forums only.

Equally, if you are posting up a link to a site, look down my current links: some are, I will admit, links to friends’ sites, but most are of genuine interest to me. So please try to suggest links that fit in with what I like.

I don’t want this to seem as if I am making you do all the work – I have links in mind already. I am interested in what you think and am always open to new ideas.

To sum up, I need the submission to be in this format:

heading suggestion –> link and brief (very brief) summary and why you think I should include it. Like I say, I have my own ideas, but am interested in what you think.

You may also have seen that this is a very unfocused blog. This reflects me, I have very diverse interests and am not above “getting into something” for a short while and then abandoning it. Is there a direction you think the blog should go in?

Thanks for this and for all your hard reading so far. I hope that I can improve this blog so that more people will be interested in reading it.


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  1. Well, I would like to see the text size improved. Also the sidebar is Ok, but you can edit the template to make the link navigations go above the in-site links like archives and categories.

    Just edit the sidebar template and it is done! WordPress theming can be fun. Just go to and you get all the docs there. Like you know, I created the theme for my site on my own, so you can too!

    For a separate links page WordPress has the ability to create the “pages” posts, that is, static type pages. Just add a page with the links. On some themes, pages get added at the top navigation bar. On others, in the sidebar.

  2. yeah, I’m getting frustrated with the side bar on my blog. I think I’ll go with a links page and a “best articles” page (and some other stuff). A links page will also allow me to write a little blurb for the things I link to.

  3. That was my thinking too. As it stands, if I add too many links, the whole thing will just become unusable.

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