WordPress v2.0 is almost upon us


I have had a look at WordPress 2.0 and it is very nice. It looks slick but the redesign is such that no one using the current version will feel lost.

Once it’s stable I’ll port this pile of old ramblings over to it. Yay, geekiness rules!


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  1. Hi, Ray,

    I downloaded and tested 2.0 RC3 offline now and it works quite well. Although I’m not able to find too many differences (except the WYSIWYG editor) from 1.5.2.

  2. Hi Ray,

    WordPress 2.0 looks great! I really can’t wait until they release it, and as soon as they do I’ll also be porting my pile of junk over to it! 😉
    Ah well, 4am over here and I still haven’t finished my Mandriva tutorial – but I’m so tired I’ll have to do it tomorrow.


    Nice site by the way, and thanks for the link!


  3. The whole thing looks very nice – just enough like the curent version to make me feel comfortable.

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