What Is Wrong With Television?

I watch TV. (For my non-English people type readers, that’s TeleVison, not something else that uses those initials. You filthy minded type – you won’t find one of those posts. Not on this blog). Not a huge amount, the odd film here and there, comedy shows, Doctor Who reruns, that sort of thing.

Whilst out on the training course, I was forced to watch terrestrial tv. My god, I had forgotten how dire terrestrial really is. I mean, I’ve read articles in the Private Eye about it, but I always assumed they exaggerated. It’s sheer unbridled awfulness caused me a mental anguish that I can’t even begin to describe.

Yes yes, I know, everyone knows that TV sucks. But until you actually witness it, you can’t know. The soap operas used to be held up as paragons of writing, they consistently brought out hard hitting entertaining topical stories that we could all believe in. Now? they’re mostly tat.

Now you could say that Rupert Murdoch has all the money in the world and so can afford to buy all the best programs from round the world (and yes, I agree that he doesn’t always get it right), but UK television companies also have loads of cash and yet they continue to turn out the same old trash day in, day out. Why can’t they spend some money on good programs. And I’m talking to you ITV and BBC. You may have slightly mollified me with Doctor Who but I still hold a grudge.

So I’m sticking to satellite television, at least I have a choice when rubbish comes on.


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  1. I like British humour programmes of the 70s and 80s. “Mind your language”, “Yes Minister” and so on. I’m not sure how British Television is now. From what you say it must be awful.

  2. There are a few gems – Little Britain, The Office, some documentaries – but largely, it’s unwatchable. Thankfully, we have satellite tv.

  3. Have you heard of Black Books? That’s also quite funny…

    And I’m not sure whether it was Little Britain or The Office (I think it was the former), but one was such a big hit in the US that they decided to make their own version. 😀

    So I’m sticking to satellite television, at least I have a choice when rubbish comes on.

    Hmm – I don’t have satellite TV! So, when there is nothing good on, I just turn off the TV and go on LQ! 😛

    In fact, I can’t remember the last time I watched proper TV – sure, I watch the news and play DVD’s, but I don’t remember flicking through channels…that’s how bad it truly is!

  4. Black Books and The Office (that’s the one that was remade in the US) are excellent shows. So Channel 4 and BBC 2 also have their saving graces.Come to think of it, C4 also gave us Spaced, so maybe things aren’t too bad……My problem is that I multi task: watch tv and mod LQ or post here, so sucky tv sucks twice as bad even though I’m only watchingit with half an eye and half a brain.Maybe my standards are just too high 🙂

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