Back At It

General apathy (a curse I have suffered from for many years – help sufferers … in a while. Send $$ to some address no one knows about) and tiredness from work and going away to a residential training course has meant that I haven’t updated for a while. My very first post said that this would happen (apart from the training course bit), so ner ner ne ner ner.

Anyway, I’m back now, so stop panicking and phoning those missing person helplines. I wouldn’t be on one of those things, ‘cos I’m rad man, I’m out there, look for me somewhere else.

So what can you, the consumer, look forward to in the upcoming issues? Well, the usual stuff – inane ramblings, awful spelling and grammar, a wry look at all the stuff everyone else is looking wryly at, interesting uses of the word “wry” and many more stuff. And a secret surprise post which may or may not make your computer crash and give your kneecap a computer virus. So more of the same really.

Assuming apathy doesn’t strike you, read it all here.


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