50 (+1) Tools For Writing

Avid readers of this blog (and I know that there’s at least one: hello, whoever you are) will have seen that I posted advice to anyone wanting to write a novel. Or anything really. I still believe that those ideas hold true, but they are not the only tools available.

While looking for similar pages on the net, I stumbled across PoynterOnline, the website of The Poynter Institute. I quote now from their “about” page:

Founded in 1975 by Nelson Poynter, chairman of the St. Petersburg Times and its Washington affiliate, Congressional Quarterly, the Institute was bequeathed his controlling stock in the Times Publishing Co. in 1978. As a financially independent, nonprofit organization, The Poynter Institute is beholden to no interest except its own mission: to help journalists seek and achieve excellence.

Something which, I hope, we all aspire to. Especially as bloggers/online journalists. Dr Roy Peter Clark has written down something which we should all be aware of and use as writers.

The Writing Tools are a list of 50 rules/guidelines for anyone wishing to write – whether it be a news article, a short story or a full length novel. He kindly states that no one can be expected to adhere to all of them (I’d be in trouble, otherwise), but they are tools we should all have in our writing toolboxes.

Each of these rules are very basic and the sort of thing that we should all have picked up at school. Because of this they should be easy to use. Looking at my own works, I need to return to school.

I’d advise anyone wishing to brush up on their skills or to learn new ones to read the articles. Even though there are, in fact, 51 tools on the list. Maybe Dr Clark should move onto maths….. 😉


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  1. wow- what a list- looks like a lot to read though… I’m being apathetic here. 🙂

  2. Apathy is my domain……..not that I care or anything 🙂 As Dr Clark says, you don’t have to apply them all, just be aware of them and use whichever ones you need.

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