Words by Me.

I had just killed my first person. I thought I’d feel different, but I just felt nothing. No shakes, no trembling, no feeling of remorse, nothing.

His body lay cooling on the kitchen floor, blood pooling beneath his head. Even in this state he seemed an imposing man. Physically he was big: 6 foot 3 inches, broad shouldered and muscular. He even seemed to have a muscular face, now slackening and loosening. His hands lay curled, one on his chest, one to the side of his body. I stood, listening to last of the gases to leave his corpse, my own hands alternately opening and closing.

I could hear the noises in the flats around us, people moving about and getting on with their lives. No one seemed to have heard or suspected anything. From reading detective novels and watching detective films I knew what I had to do. I searched his cupboards until I found some cleaning rags. Moving quickly I wiped down everything I thought I had touched and everything I thought I may have touched. Funny, having a simple job had given me a new purpose, next time I’d come prepared.

That thought stopped me. Next time? Was I already planning to do this again? I put the thought from my head, there was absolutely no way I’d do this again. It was far too risky. This killing had been almost a spur of the moment thing – he was a stranger, I’d never been to this neighbourhood before. I simply followed him upstairs, knocked on his door and spun him a line about moving into the building and needing to borrow a cup of sugar. Once he’d taken me to the kitchen and turned his back it was the work of a few seconds to pick up a bowl and smash it onto the back of his head.

Once I’d cleaned up a little, I was home free. There was absolutely no way that I could ever be accused of this. Like I said, I’d never be linked to this neighbourhood. I’ve never been arrested or fingerprinted and my DNA was not on record. All I had to do was leave the area unobtrusively. Easy.

I thought back to what I had done. My first killing. Maybe I would do this again.


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  1. Pretty good. I just hope this isn’t based off real experiences Ray… then we’d have some problems… 😉

  2. “Totally fictional” is the disclaimer.

    Or is it? 🙂

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