A Sad Loss

My laptop hard drive seems to have died. I cannot believe how crippling it feels to not have my Slackware system available to me. I am currently using my daughters Win XP laptop and beyond the basics I am finding that I have little interest in computing. Terrible.
This old post gives some detail on my laptop. The spec is here. Not a super powered machine, but adequate for my needs.
I’m currently trying to source a new hard drive but it’s looking as though it might just be easier to buy a new laptop. I’m currently looking at an IBM Thinkpad.
Current mood: wistful


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  1. If you do decide to go with a new laptop, I’d recommend IBM Stinkpad’s. I love my T23 I picked up off eBay. It’s used but awesome and is my main desktop now, well, my only desktop since all other machines are some type of server tucked away in a corner.

  2. I was looking at some T23s earlier. Problem is that the price for used doesn’t seem that much better than for new. If my lappie could have waited until after Christmas to die it would have been much easier 🙂

  3. In fact, I am just now bidding on a T23 on eBay. Fingers crossed 😉

  4. I got a great price on mine, well, better than the new price some were asking for.

  5. Yeah, this one will hopefully end at under £200 – only 27mins to go!

  6. I didn’t get it – beaten at the last 10 seconds. I now have 3 bids on different laptops…..

  7. Yeah, I hate those that wait to outbid in the last few seconds. That’s why I usually just try to find one with the “Buy It Now” option. That’s what I did after several I was watching went well over what I was willing to spend.

  8. Unfortunately, all the T23s on UK ebay don't have a buy it now option.

  9. so beat em to it and bid in the last FIVE seconds!

    commiserations on your loss. it’s kind of tough to use a computer when the hdd is dead- I’m so glad I had backup when it happened to me. (hmm… backup. should probably do that soon eh… )

  10. Weirdly, my laptop is now fine. I left it in a cold room all weekend – not by design – and then last night I decided to turn it on “just to see”. And lo, it worked.

    So I have a little breathing room now. Phew!

  11. Thank you, I really need to know this before buying it.

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