This Blog Is Live

Hello all. Welcome to LostAddress

The look on this site will change pretty often until I settle on something I like, so be prepared for a few changes along the way. I will be porting over my Blogger posts, so we’ll have all the bloggery goodness in one place.

Does that make you feel good?


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  1. Nice to see a good theme here. One thing: you might want to enable the “permalink” feature to get the descriptive permanent link setup for your post titles. Right now it’s just ?p=1 for pointing to each post.

  2. There will be a few changes and things coming up. Really, as I learn something, I’ll add it in – permalinks being one of them. I think that the makeup of the site/hosting may work against some of the default features, but I’ll play around with them and see what happens.

    Thanks for my first visitor comment!

  3. Once I’ve updated the .htaccess file, I will be able to enable permalinks…….

  4. The .htaccess file should be ready for use. It couldn’t write to the file since apache runs as nobody so that’s been set so you can actually setup the permalink stuff from within the Options menu in WordPress.

    Also the only way for it to work is if you add the prefix /index.php/ and then start your /structure afterwards. My assumption is the way mod_rewrite is being used and on this host since it’s already been redirected to a new host.

  5. Permalinks are not really working. I’ve tried adding “/index.php/” to the front, but that just takes me to the 404 page. Variations on the permalinks give the same 404 error.

    So they’re off for now.

  6. Yeah, some goofy code with WordPress and it does not like this redirecting with Apache to another server.

    I’ll let you know when I make the hardware change like I explained on IRC and hopefully that does the trick.

  7. Cool. Incidentally – what do you think of my favicon?

  8. Kind of small. What is it suppose to be?

  9. It was meant to be an envelope with a question mark, but my art skills are…..sadly lacking 🙂

    I’m going to have a rethink and a redign.

  10. I can see the ? mark but it’s hard to tell what the image is behind it is. Favicons are very small unless you like running your resolution at 600×480, so the more detail there is, the harder it is going to be to tell what it is I think in most cases.

  11. Yeah, I’m going to rethink it – maybe just go with initials only

  12. New one is up and looks much better. You can read it for one thing!

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