A Few Words on Word Verification

Out of boredom and curiosity, I decided to browse the blogs made by everyone who declared themselves as coming from Dartford. As expected, there was a fair mix of people and interests and reasons for blogging.

It also seems that, of all the people from Dartford, I am the only one who seems to have turned on any sort of protection against spammers. Just about all of the others have posts which link to dating sites and other crap on the web.

To anyone who has a blog, I say this: protect yourself against this. If your blog is supposed to be to allow your family and friends to catch up on your news, or to present your opinions to the world, these idiots who do this are making your blog look unprofessional or just plain nasty.

Turn on the word verification thing. It’s a bit of a pain for genuine responders and commenters, but it’s more of a pain for you to have to continually go back and remove the spam. It happened to me once before I turned it on and it’s never happened to me since.


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