Random Update

I have come to realise that I’m not a diary person.

Some people can, when shown a diary page, let forth with their views and feelings. I, however, seem afflicted with some kind of textual constipation.I feel unable to let rip with the words to express my hatred of or express my inane love for my fellow wo/man replete with AOLspeak.

Maybe I’m just a very repressed person. Maybe I have nothing interesting to say (quiet at the back, please). Or maybe, just maybe, I’m a lot more sane than most of us on the internet. I hope it’s option 3. Option 1 wouldn’t bother me overly.

So what has been happening? Anyone, anyone at all? Well, not much. I went to the Linuxworld Expo and had a great old time. I was lucky enough to speak with Nick Veitch of Linux Format magazine, a mag I have bought religiously since issue 1.

And I have decided to grow a beard. That’s the kind of zany, fun guy I am. Oh, not a full beard, no. That’d be dangerous. Just a goatee, or whatever you call it in your country. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. But there’s a lot more grey in it than I would have thought for a man my age.

And everyone has either a blog or a wiki or both. What’s up with that?


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