A Button That When You Press It Evaporates Everyone In The World

I think that this is a fitting title for this particular entry. Today’s rambling comes courtesy of the website Something Awful and in particular, Zack Parsons.

Zack, one of the frontpage writers, is writing a book on the weirder side of the armour in WWII. The book is called “My Tank is Fight” and looks to be visually stunning and very informative – in an “Oh my God” sort of way.

The book details some of the flights of fancy of WWII armourers – for example,

  • The P. 1000 “Ratte” – A German super tank so large that it used a cruiser turret with two huge naval cannons.
  • The Seeteufel Submarine – A midget submarine with tank treads that could drive on land or along the bottom of rivers.
  • The Nazi Space Program – A multi-stage rocket booster, reusable spacecraft, and plans for an orbiting space station.
  • The Project C – A huge flying aircraft carrier laden with a half-dozen jet-powered German suicide bombs.
  • The Christie Flying Tank – American efforts to combine a tank with an airplane.
  • The P. 1500 “Monster” – The biggest cannon ever made stuck to the biggest tank ever made. What could go wrong?!
  • He is currently working on the ‘Pykrete Ship’ article. For those who don’t know, Pykrete is made from sawdust and ice. Mixing the 2 means that the ice takes far longer than normal to melt and the sawdust makes it an effective piece of armour. Coincidentally, the Sky One program “Brainiac – Science Abuse” featured this around 2 months ago. They proved, with demonstrations, that it was bullet proof, flame proof and that it floats.

    Frighteningly enough, many of the items he details in the book were either being produced towards the end of the war or were due to be produced. Just think, if the war had continued for maybe a year longer, the outcome could have been very different.

    I urge anyone with a vague interest in war, history or fucking big tanks to look out for this book when it is published.

    In the meantime, go to the book’s website, and check out the updates.


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