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So, here we are again then. Do you know what, tabloid newspapers have become absolutely fantastic recently. I buy The Sun and The Star for the office – I only read the problem pages, because I am hooked.

Once upon a time, tabloid newspapers in the UK liked to print real news and tell us that they were informing us. Now they print press releases and make up paragraphs to go with whatever picture of a sexy lady they decided to print. Some may find this distasteful ……. not me. I love it, they are simply doing what they have been accused of all along. Honesty in our newspapers – who would have thought it?

For anyone else who likes problem pages, I recommend reading Dear Deirdre in The Sun first. The problems are slightly raunchy but always low key. Then read The Star. I read one recently which was from a man who described, lovingly, the 4 in a bed sex session he had with 3 women. And then said that he is uncomfortable being around them. Brilliant. 5 paragraphs to tell us about the session, 1 line to say he feels uncomfortable.

Fan – bloody – tastic!


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  1. This trashy pseudo-reporting is also popular in the US, the most famous being the notorious National Enquirer. I read it for laughs sometimes.

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