Attack Me, I'm Weak! Darwinian Personal Alarm

Well, it’s been a week since I last posted. I did say it wouldn’t be a regular thing,didn’t I…..

So, nothing much has happened to me – at all. Work is progressing as work will. Home life is good. All a bit ho hum really.

So maybe I should let you in on a few things that are mostly unimportant. As you saw from the last update, I have recently been promoted to an Area Lead position. Luckily, all the people I will have to lead are professionals and, mostly, just get on with things. So that’s nice.

Let’s then move on to what I use to post these things: my ‘puter. I use a Toshiba Satellite Pro A10 loaded with Slackware 10.1. My mail client is Thunderbird and my browser is Firefox. My IRC client is X-Chat. And I keep up to date by using Swaret. Thus far (and I’ve been a Linux user since 2002), I have never been hacked, cracked or infected. Which is cool. By the way, that was an observation not a challenge.

I would like to thank for looking after me for the last 3 years and helping me to configure my system and keep things working. If you are a user or just Lin-curious, I urge you to visit the site.

That’ll do for today, I think.


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